Frequently asked questions

What will I need to purchase to compete?

1) All competitors will each need to pay a "Stand Fee." This is for the use of the cinder blocks and other equipment provided by the event. 2) You will need to purchase wood and pavers prior to the event to break in all of the divisions you have registered for. You may buy material at the event but run the risk of the event not having enough on site, and the prices will be higher the day of the event. 3) You may purchase or bring your own carpenter pencils for spacers

Why do I have to purchase materials from the event?

We create a level playing field by providing the same quality material for all competitors. This also ensures that none of the material has been tampered with prior to competition.

Where will I pick up my materials?

You can collect your materials the morninig of the competition at the event, usually next to the ring where the breaking will take place. Some events will permit you to collect the night before.

Who will be overseeing the events?

Our events or run and operated by the best breakers in the world. They understand the material, keeping the competitors safe, and will give advice to all during the competition.

What if this is your first time competing in breaking?

Make sure you let the directors know if this is your first breaking event. We want to make you feel welcome, supported, and help you understand everything you will need to know to bring you to your top level of compeition.