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Breaking Lingo

Breakers talk a bit differently than other martial artists.
Have fun with some of our unique words and phrases.

Rocks or hitting rocks

Rocks is another word for concrete. Hitting rocks implies breaking concrete.

ex. "It's been a rough day, I'm going go hit some rocks."

Ahnaso "AHHHH-naso"


We have all hit a stack with all our might and then... nothing breaks. It is at that time, a good "AHNASO" yell is demanded. 

Ah = Ahhhh, N = not, A = A, S = Single, O = One or

ex. Yell, "Ahhh, not a single one" or "AHNASO!"


Not the big hammer, but the result of too much breaking. When you use your elbow as a hammer and get that fun spot on it. Also known as a Big Fat Hematoma 


When life sets in and we need to find an outlet, we do what breakers do.  We destress by breaking some wood & concrete

ex. "I need therapy."


When your arm, shin, forehead (let's say the spot you just broke with) gets a little swollen to the point where it looks like a mouse snuck under your skin.


The wood or board that randomly breaks off center and stops the stack from being a completed break.

ex. "I broke 5 of 8, I caught a clinker."

What are you counting them for?

From the movie "Best of the Best" in reference to the scene where one break is clearly a winning break, yet the judge must count out the losing stack of pavers. 


When breaking concrete there is the occasional rock that settles just right. Creating a mean little hole that looks like you took a bullet. 

ex. "I took a bullet on that break." 


When the idea of using the words "cross" or "against" seems too long or you just want to talk over a non-breaker's head.

ex. "See that plank? I'm going to break it x-grain."

Building a house

When you show up with a ridiculous amount of material to break in a creative routine. 

ex. "He building a house." <- correct grammar


1) Showing up to break looking like a spectator. BOOM! You crush a huge stack of pavers.

2) When you get huge an adrenaline rush after a break to the point of looking crazy and scaring everyone. 

3) This can be used in any context, similar to the word "smurf"

ex. "I'm going to Crincoli in; and drop that stack Crincoli style."

Break it rain

When you set a huge stack of boards at a tournament to break, usually in a stomp division. The cost of the stack of boards is so expensive it seems like you are throwing money in the air.

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