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Clinton, NJ • June 2nd, 2018
NJMAA will be hosting a breaking championships in Clinton, NJ on June. This event will offer 3 power wood divisions and 3 concrete divisions.

Step 1: Register by selecting a Competition Pass

Step 2: Purchase your materials

Step 3: Print your receipt and train to win!

What is included in registration?
• When you purchase a "Wood Competition Pass" you will be able to select from all of the divisions. The price is the same whether you choose one or all of the divisions. (same process for the Concrete Competition Pass)
• The cost of the spectators and stand fee is included in this pass. The only additional cost will be the cost of materials (boards and concrete).
Why do I need to buy wood and concrete through
• To ensure the consistency of the materials we will only allow the boards and concrete provided by to be used. This policy guarantees a level playing field for the competitors.
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