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Team Tryout

Team Tryout

Competition Challenge:

1) Power Concrete:

Men set and break 7+ pavers in one division

Women set and break 4+ pavers in one division

Teens set and break 3+ pavers in one division

2) Power Wood (spaced):

Men set and break 8+ boards in one division

Women set and break 6+ boards in one division

Teens set and break 5+ boards in one division


The way you conduct yourself in the competition will also have an impact on if you are placed on a team. 

  • How this works

    Tryouts are for Teen+ divisions. Underbelts and Black Belts are welcome!

    The $40 tryout fee will be good for one year of tryouts. If placed on a team your will be required to be outfitted in your team's gear. The $40 will be deducted from the outfitting costs. 

    Outfitting all team members will need to have a team uniform, some team camps may have other equipment required.  This uniform will be customized to match the other team members. Your coach will inform your of team commitments and sponsorship oppertunities.

    These team camps will allow you to level up and work toward becoming a Team Hayabusa Breaker. Good luck!

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