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Wood Competition Pass

Wood Competition Pass

This pass will secure a spot in any of the listed board breaking divisions. Please select the division you wish to participate in and attach the name to the pass. These divisions are for ages 6+


"Power" Divisions: wood will be set to break with a vertical downward strike using cinder blocks as the stands. Unless a division is labeled "unspaced" each board will be seperated by a standard carpenter pencil. All breaks must be deemed safe by the breaking director.


Information on acceptable strikes in the Power Wood Divisions

• Power Wood Hand - using any part of the hand between the wrist and the finger tips

• Power Wood Arm - using any part of the arm below the shoulder but not including. Hand strikes are permitted

• Power Wood Stomp - a downward strike on boards using any part of the bottom of the foot


During set up you may use masking tape to secure spacers. The director may ask or assist you in removing unnessary tape before a breaking attempt.

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